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Functional Medicine Oakland CA Carolyn Finnegan Chiropractor About Us



Hi, I'm Dr. Carolyn Finnegan

My goal is to help you achieve optimal health so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do. I've worked with thousands of people, over the last 20 years, and helped them get to the root cause of their health issues to achieve optimum health.

I came to Functional Medicine through my own health issues which included severe and constant pain, migraines, general inflammation, IBS, difficult periods, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. I understand what it feels like to not feel good. And I take that understanding, and my extensive experience and education, and use it to help you have a real understanding about what it takes to resolve your health issues.


Candidate, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

  • Completed all of the seven Institute of Functional Medicine courses including the Foundational course in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, as well as Advanced Training Modules in Immune/Allergy, GI, Cardiometabolic Disease, Detoxification, Hormones and Bioenergetics.

Two-Year Mentorship Graduate, Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine
Cranial Sacral Therapy 1 & 2
Diplomate, Chiropractic Biophysics, 2005
Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West, 2005, Cum Laude and Honors Clinician Award
Bachelor or Arts, San Francisco State University, Magna Cum Laude, 1998
ACE Personal Trainer Certification, 1995
UC Santa Cruz 1992-1994
Treating patients since 2004

Functional Medicine Oakland CA Daphne Dominia Office Manager



Daphne Dominia is a native of San Francisco, CA. She brings a dynamic set of skills to the Core Wellness Team with a background in office administration that spans the course of several years. Prior to joining Core Wellness, she focused on her passion for customer service and client- relationship building through working in fashion, early education, real estate, and volunteering with non- profit organizations in her community.

Daphne is an aspiring marriage family therapist who is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology and Human Sexuality at San Francisco State University. She is truly passionate about helping her community and people from all walks of life through creating safe spaces. She one day hopes to have her own practice.

In Daphne's free time you can find her dabbling in performing arts, whether it be writing music, singing, or supporting local artists in the Bay Area. She is also a fashionista who likes to personally style her friends and family. In her down time she is listening to Dr. Esther Perel podcasts.

Daphne's career ethic is to always treat everyone with kindness and have an open perspective. Here at Core Wellness, she hopes to provide patients with the best customer service with the intention of creating a great experience.

Functional Medicine Oakland CA Fernando Moratinos Massage Therapist



Fernando Moratinos graduated as a certified massage therapist (“quiromasaje”) in 2002 from the Davila School of Manual Therapies in Granada, Spain. His tireless quest to discover how the human body functions then led him to pursue his studies and graduate as an Osteopath from the same school five years later as well as studying and graduating as a Feldenkrais therapist from the International Feldenkrais Training Center in Lewes, England (2009) under the tutelage of the director, Garet Newell.

He also completed a training program in Cranial sacral therapy and has taken master courses in Shiatsu and traditional Thai Massage.

This trajectory has led him to develop a personalized therapeutic style over the last fourteen years. From 2005-2009, he was the General Manager and leading therapist at the Narcissus Wellness Center in the 4-star Los Angeles Hotel (Granada, Spain) until he decided to open his private practice in 2009. Since July 2016, Fernando has resided in the Bay Area. In July 2017 he was certified by California Massage Therapy Council (#73557). He specializes in working with dancers, musicians, athletes and other professionals who have developed a pathological condition due to the repetitive stress injuries. He is well known for his ability of personalizing his treatments from the most gentle touch required for lymphatic session to an intense and deep tissue massage session.

Functional Medicine Oakland CA Shannon Wallingford Massage Therapist



Shannon Wallingford loves the fact that every day since 2001 she has had the honor of being the person to improve the lives of her clients. A graduate of The Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse, NY, Shannon is licensed to practice in New York, Pennsylvania, and CAMTC certified in California.

With almost twenty years of both private office, on-site work, and luxury spa experience including the Claremont and Fairmont Hotels, Shannon is equipped to hear you and work together to solve your issues.

Shannon's training and experience in Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Myofascial Release, and Pregnancy Massage allow her to customize therapy for each of her clients. Her ability to ask the right questions, and then diligently listen to her patients, makes an enormous difference in ensuring each and every client is able to alleviate their pain. Her glowing testimonials include professional athletes, performance artists in physical training, and even regulars who have been coming to her for therapy for almost a decade.

Functional Medicine Oakland CA Shanequa McCrimmon Massage Therapist



Shanequa McCrimmon is a licensed massage therapist with over 10 years of experience. Her work is both practiced and intuitive, blending a strong yet smooth flow of myofascial release and various musculoskeletal techniques to soothe the muscles and relieve chronic pain and tension from the body. Shanequa is a native New Yorker, and recently relocated to the Bay area. She loves the outdoors and hiking.

Shanequa has a vast knowledge of working with a diverse population of clients within a medical setting and in-home service as well as comprehensive training and in-depth knowledge in various massage modalities. Shanequa specializes in therapeutic, medical, and deep tissue massage (ie: chronic neck and back conditions, rotator cuff injuries, sprains and strains, and sports related injuries for youth and adults). She believes that massage requires more than a "one size fits all" approach, and understands that every client has unique needs and requires a personalized approach.


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