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Chiropractor Carolyn Finnegan D.C.

Chiropractor Oakland CA Carolyn FinneganExceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

I was first introduced to chiropractic in 1998 when I fell in my exercise class and injured my neck and low back. After trying all sorts of drugs, and six months of physical therapy, not only was pain not any better, it was getting worse. As a last resort, I went to a chiropractor. Amazingly, I felt a LOT better after only a couple of visits. Not only did my pain improve, but I was able to start living life again: my sports performance improved, I was able to sit more comfortably at my job and I was even sleeping better. ​

​What a profound experience! My expectations were exceeded, and because of my desire to help others, I felt I had found my calling. No sooner than I regained my health, I quit my marketing job, and re-enrolled in college with the goal of becoming a chiropractor. You may remember me from Align Chiropractic Center on College Avenue, which was my first practice that I started in 2007 and successfully owned for seven years. I sold that practice two years ago to spend more time with my then very young children. Now that my children are a little older I'm ready to get back to the profession I love.

As an Oakland native I’m excited to apply my passion and talents in my own community. My appreciation for the diversity and open mindedness of the Bay Area is enriched having spent half of my life traveling the world over. I love it here!

​I currently live in Oakland with my husband (also an Oakland native), my son Sam and my daughter Camila. When I’m not adjusting and providing health care, you can find me swimming, hiking, and just spending time outdoors with my family and my two dogs: Kuma and Clancy.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Finnegan you can contact her at her chiropractic office in Oakland CA.


Massage Therapist Oakland CA Riley BorrallAs an athlete, farmer and outdoorsman, Riley has experienced a myriad of personal injuries and varying paths to recovery. Massage soon became an integral part of his self-care plan and it wasn't long before he was inspired to become a practitioner himself. Riley is a graduate from the National Holistic Institute and is currently furthering his career through their Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program. He specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.


Massage Therapist Oakland CA Hani'a AbramA graduate of National Holistic Institute school of massage therapy, Hummingbird uses his intuitive gift to employ massage techniques from Eastern and Western traditions to address issues of pain, limited range of motion, injury recovery, emotional trauma and stress reduction. Born in Oakland, Hummingbird is a lifelong Bay Area resident, enjoys gardening, and is a poet/storyteller and children's book author. He specializes Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-Natal, Sports, IASTM, Thai, Myofacial, Reflexology, and is certified in Reiki..


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