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Patient Success Story: Low Back Pain in Oakland CA

Patient Success Story: Low Back Pain in Oakland CA

lower back pain in Oakland CA

Success is reachable

A middle-aged woman with severe low back pain came into my office a few months ago seeking help. She had seen other health professionals, including another chiropractor, but nothing helped. In addition to the low back pain, she also had severe shooting pain down her leg to her foot (sciatica), moderate neck pain, and chronic, frequent headaches. She was experiencing daily spasms, and had a reduced range of motion in her neck and low back.

I prescribed a treatment plan for her that included home neck exercises and traction, regular chiropractic adjustments, and decompression (learn more about decompression here) for her low back pain and sciatica. After 36 decompression visits and treatment once a week, her pain symptoms were greatly reduced. She rarely had a headache and her neck pain was infrequent and minimal when it did come up. Her low back pain and sciatica was mild and much less frequent. We take pre- and post-x-rays in my office. See below for her amazing transformation. The red line is where my patient’s spine sits, the green line is where a normal low back should be.

Low back x-rays in Oakland CA

If you’re in pain, there is no reason to wait to seek treatment. You can help yourself at home, starting with ice and light stretching. And make an appointment at Core Wellness Chiropractic by calling us at (510) 922-1579, texting us at (510)-692-9948 or go online to and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you.


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