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“How long have you had those red bumps on the backs of your arms?” I asked a new patient the other day. “For as long as I can remember,” she said, “I don’t like the way they look.”

“Did you know,” I said, “that that’s a sign of Omega-3 deficiency? You can take Omega-3 fish oil and those bumps will go away. Be careful though which ones you take. They’re not all created equal and you want to make sure the brand you use takes out the mercury.”

“But I just read an article that said that all vitamins are bad and a waste of money and we shouldn’t take them,” my patient said.

While this is not entirely untrue - lots of vitamins are bad and don’t actually contain what’s on their label - not all vitamins are created equal. There are plenty of good companies out there that make valuable supplements that can improve your health.

All the recent hubbub regarding supplements started in 2015 when Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that major retailers such as GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens were sent cease-and-desist letters for allegedly selling store brand herbal supplements that were found to contain ingredients not shown on the products’ labels. The supplements included echinacea, ginseng, St. John’s Wort, and more. A mere 21% of the tested products verified DNA from the plants listed in the ingredients section of the bottle. For example, instead of ginseng, black beans were found. Since 2005, Schneiderman has sponsored legislation to create a safety committee for dietary supplements.

Trustworthy Supplements

When it comes to supplements can you trust, it’s best to always do your research beforehand - look for the labels “GMP” (Good Manufacturing Practice), “USP (United States Pharmacopeia),” ”NSF (National Science Foundation),” or “Consumer Lab” on the bottle. These third-party companies test and certify the products to ensure quality standards are met. You can also have a look at the U.S. Government fact sheet on supplements, which notes how vigorously certain products are tested.

I personally take Metagenics and I provide their supplements for my patients. Metagenics is a supplement company that focuses heavily on scientific research and works with practitioners worldwide on education. They spend approximately seven million dollars a year on research and development with various universities nationwide (UCSF, Harvard, Bastyr, and more), have 87 research publications accessible through their website here, and regularly hold education seminars for practitioners. They rigorously monitor the quality of the products from production to manufacturing to sales, spending over three million annually on quality testing. Their supply chain is very well controlled - for example, they recently removed their product line from Amazon because they learned resellers were selling expired or falsely advertised Metagenics products (I’d be very wary in general when buying any supplement on Amazon as they are often not at all what they say they are. Retailers may refill the bottles with pills containing who knows what). Metagenics is GMP certified and their labels are transparent - they test every product batch to ensure the final product matches the label. A nice little bonus is that they are dedicated to sustainability and give back to communities in need. To learn more about Metagenics and what separates them from other supplement companies, see their fact sheet here.

Bottom line - while many supplements out there are not what they say they are, there are good companies selling beneficial products. Look closely at the bottle and make sure it contains one of the above quality control labels. Metagenics is a brand that is synonymous with quality and transparency and we are proud to be a provider.

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