We Have A New Decompression Machine

Spinal Decompression in Oakland CA

Due to popular demand, we have added a second decompression machine to our office so that scheduling will be easy and convenient. Schedule an appointment for spinal decompression in Oakland today!

Spinal Decompression in Oakland CA

Walking on the BeachDisc decompression therapy at Core Wellness Chiropractic uses a controlled, mechanical traction to gently pull and then slowly release the spine by alleviating pressure on the discs, allowing them to heal. Decompression therapy is available for the relief of low back or neck pain and dysfunction.

"The combination of Dr. Finnegan's skill and thoughtful care and the decompression machine helped my body recover after the accident.".

- Amanda K.

Does Decompression Heal the Disc?

MeditationSpinal disc decompression is a form of disc rehabilitation. Not only does disc decompression minimize herniations and bulges, it also improves oxygen, nutrient, and water flow to the disc. This allows the disc to regain its proper motion, increase its ability to withstand shear stressors, and act as an improved "shock-absorber." If decompression is successful, the disc will remain rehabilitated after treatment is finished.

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