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Is Your Posture Making You Tired? in oakland ca

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“I’m just so tired all of the time and I’m not sure why”, my patient said to me the other day as I was doing her new patient intake. We went over the basics: she was getting plenty of sleep, exercising, and eating right. However, her head was significantly farther forward than is healthy and that takes up a lot of her energy.

Finding a solution

We are now working to correct her posture by bringing her head back so that her ear is over her shoulders. What is correct posture? Ideally, there should be a straight line from your ankles to your knees, to your pelvis, to your shoulders, and your ears should be centered over your shoulders.

The farther your head is forward, the heavier it feels to your body.

Poor posture takes a lot of energy to maintain and will wear you out faster than standing or sitting correctly. It does this a number of ways. Poor posture starts by straining the muscles and joints of the body, making it difficult for them to work as they were intended to. Certain muscles have to work harder to pick up the slack because the correct muscles stop firing. Those new muscles aren’t adapted to handle the extra weight, so the body is working harder to move itself, leaving you feeling fatigued faster.

Your nervous system is also stressed with poor posture. The postural imbalance causes shifting of the vertebral column, which houses our nervous system. Our nerves are responsible for carrying signals to our muscles, digestive system, heart, and other vital organs. Stress on the nervous system can lead to pain, fatigue, organ dysfunction, and even disease.

One example of these effects playing out can be seen with people who are hunched forward at their mid back and have forward head posture, often from being on the computer all day. Shoulders that are rounded forward reduce the movement of the ribcage, preventing lungs from expanding fully. Forward head posture shortens and stresses the trachea (your windpipe).These physiological changes makes it harder to breathe. When a person is breathing less fully, they don’t get as much oxygen flowing throughout their body and brain. This creates a demand for more energy in order to get things moving, and can trigger the flight or fight response in the nervous system over time. When that happens, it kicks the endocrine system into high gear and adrenaline is pumped through the body to prepare for the impending stressful situation, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. If left unchecked, this posture can trick the body into thinking that it’s constantly in a state of distress, potentially leading to adrenal fatigue.

I am a Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) trained doctor. CBP is the most scientific and researched corrective chiropractic care. The goal is to eliminate nerve interference by realigning the spine back to its normal shape so that it can take care of itself. If you’d like to improve your posture, make an appointment today. Call us at (510) 922-1579, text us at (510)-692-9948 or email us at to schedule an appointment.


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