Fashion Can Hurt: The Latest Trends May Be Contributing to Your Pain in Oakland CA

Fashion Can Hurt: The Latest Trends May Be Contributing to Your Pain in Oakland CA

Fashion in Oakland CA

I won’t lie. I like to look good as much as the next gal. On occasion, you may find me in skinny jeans, high heels and carrying a large, full purse. But I don’t make it a habit. Most days you’ll see me in comfortable shoes, loose fitting clothes that I can move (and breathe in) and carrying only my phone and keys. And on the days that I do stray and fall victim to fashion, I feel it.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “beauty is pain?” In the fashion industry, those words couldn’t ring more true. Fashion designers value form over function, often to the detriment of our bodies. Corsets, a popular choice for women during the Victorian era, are a good example of a trend that eventually died out due to the fainting spells they caused from being pulled too tightly. You might think those days are over. Surprisingly though, there are many modern fashion trends that may be causing more damage to your body than you realize.

High Heels

High heels make your legs look long and add definition to your calves, but as anyone who wears heels understands, they do these things at a major tradeoff to your feet and back. High heels change the center of gravity, throwing the rest of your body off balance. This causes your low back to bend forward to maintain a standing position. Since you have fewer points of contact with the floor, they offer very little stability or support to the arches of your feet. High heels are often too narrow in the toe box as well. Our feet are shaped naturally so that the toes are the widest part of the foot. Squeezing the toes causes damage to the foot.

If your work requires your to wear heels, then opt for the most comfortable, supportive heel you can find. Otherwise, choose from the plethora of comfortable, stylish flats available. Anything more than 1.5 inches will distort your foot too much. When you do have to wear heels, bring another comfortable pair of shoes with you and only wear the heels when you absolutely have to in order to reduce your risk as much as possible.

Tight Clothing

Like high heels, restrictive clothing compromises your balance. Tight pants are especially bad for posture as they reduce the number of available positions the wearer can comfortably sit in. Additionally, tight clothing restricts blood flow, reducing circulation and irritating the nerves.

Try to wear looser fitting clothing or clothes that fit more properly to your body. Remember, breathing is important.

Large Handbags

“Hobo” bags have been popular for quite some time, but they are notoriously bad for the body due to the large imbalance of weight distribution on the body. Some women carry so much stuff in their bags, the total weight exceeds 10% of their body weight! Use of these handbags can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain, and offset the balance between left and right.

Limit the weight of your bag as much as you can - start by removing everything you don’t absolutely need. At this point you might be able to get a much smaller bag that will keep you limited in the amount of stuff you can carry. If less weight is not an option, like when you have to bring your laptop, opt for a backpack or cross over bag, which will distribute the weight more evenly. Also begin to notice your posture as you walk with your bag. If you are leaning into the bag, it’s probably too heavy.

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