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When I was 13 I fell, hard, while ice skating and playing tag with my friends. I knew that this was no ordinary fall. I spent that night sleepless and in extreme pain and when I got up in the early morning, I fainted from the pain and fell on my tailbone again. My parents were awakened by my screams and they rushed me to the emergency room. The doctor at Kaiser refused to do an x-ray, saying there was nothing they could do anyway. I walked with a limp for a year and was taken off of PE for all of 8th grade. By the time I was 25 I had constant, severe back pain that radiated down my left leg to my foot. I found out later, in chiropractic school, that I had broken my coccyx when I fell. I would live with this constant, moderate to severe pain, for the next six years.

It wasn't until I visited a friend and fellow chiropractor that had a decompression unit that I finally found relief. My friend told me that decompression opened up the disc space and pulled the disc off of the nerve. This was enough to get me to fly out to Montana and try out the machine. I found it very comfortable and that very first night I had a dream that I had no pain. I did decompression twice a day that weekend and bought a machine for my clinic as soon as I got home. After about 12 sessions on decompression, my pain was mostly gone. I couldn't believe that something so simple, and comfortable, could alleviate the severe pain I had been going through for years. I finally was able to exercise again and I put together an exercise routine to help strengthen my core and keep the changes I had made.

I've been in practice now for 12 years and have seen hundreds of patients find relief from disc herniations with the decompression machine. It works for the low back and the neck as well. Patients with pain, numbness and tingling down their arms and into their hands have found relief in just a few sessions.

How It Works

Decompression therapy is a non-surgical form of disc rehabilitation; not only does it increase disc space, it restores water, oxygen, and nutrient supply to the discs, allowing it to regain its’ strength and mobility. It does this by decompressing the spinal discs and facet joints through traction and distraction, significantly reducing the pressure on the discs. The decompression machine we use is a Chattanooga Triton DTS and it’s safer and more effective than older forms of decompression traction because it offers greater control and stabilization for the spine. The computer automatically adjusts to the proper angle of pull and both pulls and releases to prevent the muscles of the back from going into spasm. Most patients describe it as a very gentle pull and release and find it to be very comfortable.

Research has shown that approximately 86% of 219 patients who completed decompression therapy reported immediate resolution of symptoms and almost all of them remained pain-free 90 days after treatment.

Are you experiencing pain from a herniated disc, sciatic pain, neck pain, low back pain or radiating arm pain? Give us a call at (510) 922-1579 or email us at and schedule a 10 minute consultation to see if decompression therapy is right for you.

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