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Children and Chiropractic in Oakland CA

Children and Chiropractic in Oakland CA

Chiropractic care for kids in Oakland CA

People tend to assume that Chiropractic care is only suitable for adults, and it’s based on the assumption that Chiropractic treatment is only good for pain relief. While chiropractic care is great at treating pain, Chiropractors can do so much more than symptom relief.

Child chiropractic care

One of the things chiropractors treat are called “subluxations,” which are serious and can sometimes be painless conditions caused by physical, emotional, and toxic stress placed on the nerves in the spinal column. A subluxation is a mild displacement or misalignment of a joint. Everyone knows what a dislocation is. A luxation is less than that and a subluxation is even less. Think millimeters of misalignment. But those millimeters can create havoc. Everyone has subluxations, and if left untreated they can cause physical symptoms to emerge. Treatment of subluxations in children can improve their sleep, immune system function, allergies, colic, colds, asthma, tight muscles, and more. Chiropractic treatment for children is very safe and very effective.

Children can experience trauma as early as in the womb. Stress can be placed on the skull and spinal column if the fetus lies in a twisted manner or if the baby has a traumatic birth. Sometimes subluxations like this can lead to a condition called Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome, which is a primary cause of upper respiratory infections such as ear infections and tonsillitis. Falls during the walking stages of life can cause physical stress. Emotional and toxic stresses are indirect causes of subluxations, both of which can express physical pain later in life.

Chiropractic treatment for children is very safe. Since children’s bodies are very flexible and their muscles are more supple than adults, adjustments can be made using only slight pressure. The benefits from these slight manipulations are huge. A study* from 2007 looked at 812 clinical cases of chiropractic adjustments in children. Of the 812 children treated, 717 indicated an improvement in their symptoms, and only 9 reported treatment-related aggravations, described by the guardians as “soreness” and “fussiness.” No complications were reported. Improvement in symptoms included increased range of motion, improved sleep, mood, and immune function. In my office I have treated children with chronic ear infections, colic, ankle and foot pain, mid-back pain, headaches, ADHD, scoliosis, and more. I love treating children because their bodies heal so quickly. Before giving children medication, try a non-invasive treatment like chiropractic.

When a chiropractor takes the pressure off the nervous system, the body is better able to heal itself and the immune system functions more efficiently. When children are brought in for chiropractic treatment, their bodies respond very well to treatment and their nervous systems bounce back quickly.

Interested in learning more about chiropractic treatment for your child? Give us a call at (510) 922-1579, texting us at (510) 692-9948, or emailing us at and schedule an appointment.

*Alcantara J., Ohm J., Kunz D., Focus Altern Complement er 2007; 12:03 Treatment Related Aggravations, Complications and Improvements Attributed to Chiropractic Spinal Manipulative Therapy of Pediatric patients: A Practice-Based Survey of Practitioners.


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